Thomas C. Lolan, Au.D., FAAA Doctor of Audiology
Thomas C. Lolan, Au.D., FAAADoctor of Audiology

Dr. Lolan has been in the hearing health care field since 1970.  

 He began his career as a teacher of the deaf at the Indiana State School for the Deaf.  Following two years of teaching he returned to earn his Masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Cincinnati.  

 Dr. Lolan moved to Dayton to begin his audiology career with Nathaniel Soifer, M.D., & Associates, a large Ear Nose & Throat medical practice.  While with this practice Dr. Lolan developed his interest in the evaluation and diagnosis of Central Auditory Disorders in children with learning disabilities.  He became a frequent speaker on this topic as well research and publishing.  In 1980 Dr. Lolan returned to education serving as an Educational Audiologist/Communication specialist with the Miami Valley Regional Center for Handicapped Children. Calling on his experience as a Deaf Educator as well as his minor in Speech Pathology Dr. Lolan worked with a wide range of childen with mulitiple handicaps.

 In 1985 Dr. Lolan returned to the medical/audiology field and began his private practice with James Bean, M.D. he provided diagnostic audiology services to Dr. Bean as well as managing South Dayton Hearing Aids.  In 1992 Dr. Lolan purchased South Dayton Hearing Aids and moved to its current location.  South Dayton Hearing Aids & Audiology was born.  Dr. Lolan received his Au.D. (Doctor of Audiology) in 2008.

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